History of Calin

We believe in the power of the Cuddle since the first hours of baby’s life: hugs contribute to baby’s well-being and good development, but they also help forge bonds between baby and his parents.  This is why, since the launch in 2015, we have been inspired by the soft CALIN of the mother and father , to design the softest diapers and wipes so that the baby feels comforted as in the arms of his parents.

CALIN is a modern and innovative brand that offers new parents new experiences to stimulate baby’s development and awakening.  And in order to strengthen this image, the brand signed a licensing agreement in April 2020 with the international giant The Walt Disney Company.  Thus the CALIN brand is the first brand of diapers in Morocco and North Africa to partner with Disney and to integrate the famous mouse into the design and communication around its range of CALIN Comfort Dry diapers..

CALIN diapers

It all starts with a Calin

CALIN offers you a diaper that protects the sensitive skin of your babies.  Because it has a mattress as soft as cotton.  And thanks to the new ZERO LEAKS system, the CALIN layer blocks the liquid and prevents it from resurfacing.  The liquid is contained inside the diaper so the baby stays comfortably dry day and night.

CALIN wipes

For a soft and natural Calin

Soft and moist, Calin wipes provide natural cleanliness, hygiene and a feeling of softness.  Recommended for sensitive skin, Calin wipes cover the baby with a veil of softness, thanks to its exclusive formulas.  In addition to cleaning, Calin wipes provide a composition enriched with natural essential oils of sweet almond, Babassu and Aloe Vera extract.

They are certified “Excellent" by the German dermatological laboratory Dermatest.  These wipes are guaranteed to be paraben, sulfate, alcohol and chlorine free.

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