an ambition called
“hygiene for all".

Launched by Novatis Group in June 2017, Mia is the first 100% Moroccan sanitary pads brand.

Operating in a market where only 30% of women use sanitary pads , Mia carries the ambition of democratizing access to intimate feminine hygiene.

The brand is built around the concept of “Ser L’Bahiate" (The Secret of Radiance), the secret of which is well kept, for better comfort and complete fullness every day.

The Novatis group made the launch of Mia much more than a commercial act, but a real contribution to the educational effort on this issue.

The sanitary pad range

Three years after its launch, Mia is now No. 1 in the “Cotton Feel" towel segment, with a complete range of soft, comfortable and fitted sanitary pads .

Featuring Protec technology, Mia is the most absorbent pad on the market combined with the softness of cotton to the touch.

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