President’s word

Everyone's commitment, for everyone

A land of generosity and conviviality, Morocco, under the enlightened leadership of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, has seen the birth and growth of Novatis Group since 2003, with its same founding values: sharing, dedication, daring and permanent innovation. This is why, since its creation, Novatis Group has been committed to continuous improvement: improving care to improve life.  And this, with 100% Moroccan manufacturing, using the most advanced technologies and the most advanced production processes in the world in this field.

Morocco carries us, and in our hearts, we carry it. In each of our products, it is a part of us that we make available to our consumers. In the image of the Kingdom, which commits itself, every day, to its citizens and to the world, Novatis Group deploys, through its thousands of employees, all its energy to satisfy babies, mothers, the elderly, women and households. For us, this is the very meaning of life: to bring care, comfort, softness and serenity to everyone.

Erected as an art, providing the best care is first and foremost an industrial, commercial and marketing challenge that Novatis Group carries out on a daily basis. With an integrated ecosystem, in which logistics chains, thousands of sales outlets and research and development specialists contribute, Novatis Group cultivates, to the point of obsession, the imperatives of durability, safety, quality and accessibility. Each brand develops its territory, taking care – that’s the word – to make life easier for its public. The solemn commitment to provide, in all circumstances, the best value proposition, contributes greatly to the social inclusion, through hygiene, of all categories of the population.

Strengthened by the support of millions of consumers for our brands, Novatis Group aims to extend its offers to other countries in Africa and Asia, with two industrial facilities in Senegal and India. It is also a value of our homeland: opening up to the world, but also going towards it.

Abdallah Badaa,
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer